RLY ?

Highgate rockers

Blues Reggae Rock Indie band from Cyprus

First record RLY? was made in 2018 at Real World Studio UK

Released on Blind Dog Records in 2019.

Vocals, Guitar / Haji Mike

Lead Guitar / Dimi Morozov

Bass / Kristian Theochari

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals / Kemal Cullen

Drums / Hugo Enrique Olivos

Highgate Rockers are living a dream. The band came together, from different corners of the earth by chance at a rehearsal in a local school in Nicosia, Cyprus. After a few months, they found themselves recording their debut LP at Real World Studios, Wiltshire, England. Their sound is as diverse as their individual roots and musical influences, Cyprus, Mexico, Russia and Britain melting into a fusion of rock, blues, reggae and world sounds. 

‘RLY?’ is the living manifestation of living the dream of playing and recording live music. After returning from Real World the band decided to go a step further through the creation of their own label, ‘Blind Dog Records’ and an open access studio rehearsal space where they are based in the heart of Nicosia. Blind Dog Arts is home to Highgate Rockers and several local bands. The space also hosts live internet radio shows and virtual band jams. 


RLY? Tour